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From Dr. Susan's Kitchen - Tropical Banana Split

I first learned about the dramatic health benefits of bananas and other whole foods during my first year of specialty training after medical school.

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From Dr. Susan's Kitchen - Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

I love cooking with the delicious culinary herb rosemary

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Inspiring Thoughts


Love is the most wonderful and healing of all emotions.

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Do You Know...

  • Drinking 3 cups each day of green tea and/or a handful of almonds promotes weight loss

  • Sprinkling 1 or 2 tablespoon of ground flax meal on your cereal or in smoothies each day
    helps to prevent breast cancer as well as the growth and spread of this disease.

  •            Regular daily walking is as effective for the treatment of depression as medication.

  •            Red light therapy can help to relieve painful migraine headaches.

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Women of all ages are fascinatedwhen it comes to...

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Looking for Helpful Products and Resources...

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We want to share with you several delicious dessert recipes that are perfect for any occasion.

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